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Few young men are unable to report last partner’s contraceptive use

Few young men are unable to report last partner's contraceptive use
Few young men are unable to report last partner's contraceptive use

Most young men say they recognize whether or not their last sexual partner used contraception and what kind it absolutely was, per a recent U.S. study.

The results give valuable information for programs supposed to stop unplanned pregnancies that square measure aimed toward young men, the researchers write in yank Journal of wash room Health.

“The scope of the study was extremely simply to appear at whether or not we have a tendency to might use young wash room report in conducting evaluations of adlescent physiological condition hindrance programs, or different analysis studies that have faith in young wash room report,” lead author Samantha Garbers told Reuters Health in associate degree email.

“But, it conjointly has implications for programming around communication skills around contraception for young men, like talent building around talking with new partners concerning contraception,” same Garbers, a scientist at university postman faculty of Public Health in ny.

Unlike several different studies, Garbers same, during this case the study team targeted on what number young men weren’t ready to answer the questions about their partner’s birth prevention use.

“We were specifically fascinated by what number guys same they do not recognize – that is typically not rumored once the results get written up,” she said.

Garbers and her colleagues examined information taken from the 2011-2013 National Survey of Family Growth, an outsized study that enclosed men and ladies fourteen to forty four years recent.

The researchers analyzed responses from two,238 men whose last feminine sex partner wasn’t somebody they were living with or married to, and World Health Organization weren’t attempting to urge pregnant with a partner or already had a partner that was pregnant.

About eighty five p.c of the boys were ne’er married and virtually [*fr1] were between the ages of fifteen and twenty four.

Participants were asked, “That last time that you simply had sexual activity with (most recent partner) did she use any strategies to stop physiological condition or sexually transmitted disease?” people who answered “yes” were next asked what strategies their partner had used and were shown a listing of contraceptive strategies to settle on from.

“We were mitigated to search out that nearly all men of all age teams were ready to answer the queries,” Garbers same. “Overall, ninety five p.c were ready to answer each queries, and this didn’t dissent considerably across age teams.”

The study might solely verify if the boys might answer the queries, however not if their answers were correct, Garbers noted.

About seventeen p.c of the boys same no birth prevention was used in any respect in their last sexual encounter, and another thirty p.c same that they had used condoms however their partner didn’t use birth prevention.

Race, ethnicity, education, even spiritual affiliations did not seem to have an effect on the results, Garbers same, however what extremely mattered was the link between the male and his last partner.

“Guys whose last sexual partner was a brand new partner, which means that they had not had sex therewith partner before that encounter, were considerably a lot of possible to be unable to report whether or not their partner used a particular method” she same.

Almost twelve p.c of the participants whose last encounter was with a brand new partner could not report her contraception use, compared to but four p.c of men whose last partner wasn’t new.

“This study highlights the importance of communication round the problems with birth prevention and sexual practice in any relationship. It takes each a person and a lady to urge pregnant, therefore each partners ought to bear in mind of what they’re doing to stop physiological condition,” Dr. married woman Weinerman told Reuters Health in associate degree email.

“It is assuasive to ascertain that the overwhelming majority of men knew concerning their partner’s contraceptive use,” same Weinerman, a generative specialist at the University Hospitals Ahuja center in Beachwood, Ohio, and UH Cleveland center World Health Organization wasn’t concerned within the study.

The findings conjointly emphasize however necessary it’s to possess a speech communication concerning sexual practice before that initial sexual encounter, Weinerman same.

“Every relationship goes to vary, however it does not got to be an extended or awkward discussion. ‘What quite contraception does one use?’ could be a simple question that feminine partners ought to appreciate,” she said.