Greg Rutherford and girlfriend Susie expecting second baby!

Greg Rutherford and girlfriend Susie expecting second baby!
Greg Rutherford and girlfriend Susie expecting second baby!

Congratulations square measure so as for Greg Rutherford ANd his girlfriend Susie Verrill! The couple have declared they’re expecting a second baby – an older brother to their son grain sorghum, two. Greg, 30, shared a sweet image on Instagram of himself and grain sorghum touching Susie’s baby bump. The Olympic long jumper wrote: “I do not see nothing wrrooonnng, with somewhat bump and gr… OH American state and @susiejverrill square measure fully excited to announce we’ll be having our second son in Gregorian calendar month.

“Milo cannot wait to share all the toys he does not like/want together with his brother and likes to raise United States daily if he is ‘got his own tools?’ affirmative son, like all sensible newborns, we’re expecting him to arrive screwdriver and drill hand. #CreatorOfBoys #HELP #HELPME#PLEASEHELPME.”

Greg Rutherford and girlfriend Susie expecting second baby!2

Susie, World Health Organization with pride showed off her bump in an exceedingly sports brassiere and dungarees, conjointly shared the news with a funny video on Instagram. The pregnant mum-of-one discovered that their second baby was planned whereas Greg was competitory in Strictly come back saltation last year. “When we tend to puzzled out dates, it appeared I fell for Greg’s charms round the time he was Paso-ing sort of a masculine bull fighter,” she wrote. “Then we tend to recognized we tend to were wrong and it seems i prefer my partner best once he is clad in an exceedingly floral condiment shirt, trying sort of a camp, ginger artificer named fictional character. we do not have to be compelled to remark it additional, I’ve created my peace with it.”

Greg Rutherford and girlfriend Susie expecting second baby!3

The couple expect a second son in Gregorian calendar month

She added: “So happy to announce we’ll be hospitable another very little boy to our gang in Gregorian calendar month.️ grain sorghum is simply attending to be such an incredible huge brother; despite telling United States he’ll share ALL his toys ‘but not my digger/fire engine/monster trucks/football/insert everything he owns here’ #mymiloandme.”

Last summer before the urban center Olympiad, Susie discovered that Greg had had his spermatozoan frozen amid fears over the Zika virus. Writing a web log post for traditional Issue, Susie explained her call to stay within the GB along with her son grain sorghum whereas Greg was away competitory in Brazil. “The Zika news has caused without stopping of concern if we’re completely honest,” wrote Susie. “We’re not ones to stress unnecessarily, however when quite a hundred doctors stressed the Games ought to be moved  to forestall the malady from spreading, this was an enormous think about United States selecting to remain place. We’ve conjointly created the choice to own Greg’s spermatozoan frozen. We’d like to have additional kids and with analysis in its infancy, i would not wish to place myself in an exceedingly state of affairs that may are prevented.”